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iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device

The immediate solution for this is to update your Machine’s iTunes version to 12.5.1, in case, it requires an updated OS X / macOS version to run. Exceptions are  Windows 7,8, 10. You are now required to upgrade. You have to buy a new computer to sync to that phone, …

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10 Tips for iLife Apps

  The macOS comes with many features. One of them is iLife App Suite, currently there is no such name. These apps carry a value in them.. Here you find 10 tips for iLife apps. iPhoto 1. Enable scrolling zoom in Places maps The new Places feature in iPhoto allows …

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Screenshots on OSX or macOS

Screenshots CMD+SHIFT+3 The shortcut CMD+SHIFT+3 will take a snap of whole screen. CMD refers to Command key to either side of your keyboard. CMD+SHIFT+4 The shortcut CMD+SHIFT+4 will create a handle to crop a screenshot area. This is the most unknown thing I am going to say. Once you press …

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How to use the Dock Productively

So, I assume that you have been using Dock for a long time, and could not leverage more power with that. Do you know that you can achieve more by not using your dock for everything and depend on Spotlight or Launchpad. You can use the dock productively by following …

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Tips on optimizing Your macOS / OSX Dock

The Dock

There are many hidden things you don’t know about OS X aka macOS. Lets call it macOS here after. The last 3 releases of macOS featured many many improvements over previous releases. The high improvements landed in Yosemite(spell it yosh-emit-ee). The follow up El-Capitan improved some, and another set of big …

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Bandwidth Limit for Facetime Calls

There exists a strategy to save bandwidth when calling on Facetime. It could save you bucks, plus that it can improve audio quality. The trick is to once you answer a video call, if you are having a slow connection or do not need your video to be sent to …

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Apple TV Update(10A406e)

Fire up your Apple TV folks, there is a new update waiting for you. Not to leave the Apple TV out in the cold after a huge week with other iOS devices, the hardworking group in Cupertino has released its latest update to the second- and third-generation Apple TVs. Surprisingly …

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Flutter: A Mac operated with hand movements

The technology is advancing steadily, we all know that. Thus, according to rumors Apple TV on the market that you can control using hand movements. The question is: Can this be? The answer is yes! You can because these movements already use on your Mac using the free application Flutter.   Thanks to …

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iPhone 5 tested against every previous versions

Apple’s iPhone 5 is their 6th smartphone, the first iPhone was released back in 2007, the iPhone 2G, and if you are wondering how far the iPhone has come since the first version was released, have a look at the video below, which was put together by Everything Apple Pro. The …

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