Remember that class guides are a rough explanation of the class, designed to give you an idea of the class and what you should be aiming for. You should really adapt the guide and follow your own instincts to match your play-style! This guide also uses items from the Media patch and some items will not be in-game at EU/NA launch.

The Tamer class has one of the most unique play styles in Black Desert, along with the Berserker class. The Tamer class is fun to play and PvE is really easy because you have plenty of AoE skills. The combat style of Tamer is very fast paced with lots of mobility and low defense.

At level 20 you are able to summon your pet “beast” who will aid you in combat. Once you reach level 49 another skill becomes available which allows you to ride your pet as a mount and attack whilst riding it. The Tamer class is quite dependent on their pet which makes large scale PvP quite challenging.

Check out the video below to see some examples of character creation and combat.



  • Unique play style
  • Fast paced combat
  • Amazing at PvE
  • Lots of mobility
  • Lots of AoE
  • Decent Sustain
  • Easy to play


  • Low defense
  • Weak in PvP
  • Combat can get repetitive


This is a PvP focused build, which is also suitable for PvE, for players who are level 50 or higher. It uses a total of 520 Skill Points so if you’ve just reached level 50 don’t worry about maxing all of the skills straight away.

The names of skills in this build are taken from the EU/NA version and may differ from the skill calculator above.

  • Keys in square brackets [] mean that you tap the key. For example, [Q] means you tap Q once.
  • Keys in round brackets () mean that you hold the key. For example, (HOLD Q) means you hold Q until the next step. (PERMAHOLD Q) means you hold Q throughout the combo.
  • Keys separated by a “+” symbol should be used at the same time. For example, [Q] + [LMB] means you tap Q and LMB at the same time.
  • Keys separated by a “>” symbol show the order you should follow out the steps. For example, [Q] + [LMB] > [F] means you tap Q and LMB at the same time, then tap F
  • [LMB] refers to left-clicking with your mouse, [RMB] refers to right-clicking with your mouse.

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