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Changes in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave 10.14 (updated to Dev Beta 4)

Apple released its pre-release iOS Dev Beta 2 last week. It fixes many issues found in the first release. There are lot of tiny changes you would notice if you have sharp eyes. Lets have a round of changes seen. Just read them all.


iOS 12 (Developer Beta 2)

  • Settings icons –  The icons in the settings have been updated to more vibrant ones.
  • Do Not Disturb & Driving Mode – Both modes display a neat notification in the notification panel
  • Stacked Notifications Clear – The notifications are now stacked. and can be cleared with a single swipe
  • Time Limits for Websites – Individual Websites can be blocked from being accessed during night time.
  • Red Minus icon on App Switcher – It was introduced for iPhone X on iOS 11, triggered by a long press. It is now gone. One of my favorite features.
  • Keyboard Suggestions – The height of the keyboard suggestions have been altered.


macOS Mojave 10.14 (Developer Beta 2)

  • Sub-pixel font aliasing – It has been removed in Mojave by default. It renders non-retina Macs certainly feel bad. Default font is looking somewhat different in Mojave however.
  • Font rendering – Unicode Font renderings for certain languages are updated. (Tamil & Sinhala)
  • Safari – Color of the Windows are slightly adjusted. Removes certain plugins automatically to speed up.
  • Safari – Debug menu adds a lot more functionality
  • Dock – Permanent icons have a separation line drawn. Permanent dock icons are not able to be removed.
  • Login screen – Looks more lean. The top bar seems to be ruled out.
  • Desktop Background – Fixes the bug that prevented Dynamic Desktop from working while in Dark Mode, and it introduces a new Solar Gradient dynamic wallpaper option.

I will update the list as I encounter changes. Please check back soon for more changes. Last Updated on 20th July 2018.



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    Just being silly, but Why does a Mac has a driving mode?

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