The Fallout 4 is an interesting game. You can find most of the hacks available for Fallout 4 here. You can also see the cheats which increase XP. Play Fallout 4 as much as you can. Comment for anything if needed.

Fallout 4 Cheat Codes

Infinite Caps

When in the Human Error quest, with the Covenant, find Honest Dan. Listen to the conversation between Dan and the doctor and then kill everyone nearby. You have to free Stockton’s daughter first and talk to Dan afterwards.When finish he’ll give you the reward. Be sure not to make dialog choices while you talk to him. Adjust the camera in a way you can back out of the conversation without making the choice. Once you walked away wait a bit before returning to Dan. The conversation will start again and again you’ll get the reward. Repeat it as many times as you like and keep in mind you’ll be getting 300 caps for it.

Infinite XP (Exploit)

Locate a terminal near a safe. You can open the safe by using your lock picking ability. Then you can enter the terminal and close the safe, so that you can pick its lock once more. You can repeat this process as often as you like for easy XP. It helps also if your INT rating is high, so you gain levels more quickly.

Infinite XP (Exploit)

Locate a terminal near a safe. You can open the safe by using your lock picking ability. Then you can enter the terminal and close the safe, so that you can pick its lock once more. You can repeat this process as often as you like for easy XP. It helps also if your INT rating is high, so you gain levels more quickly.

Gatling Laser Exploit

Though the Gatling Laser exhausts your supply of fusion cores, you can switch to another weapon and back to find that your ammo has been magically refilled.

Duplicate Items and Perk Points (Exploit)

Make sure you acquire the “You Are Special” book, located in the house where you start, under the desk in Shaun’s room. You also need a companion. Ideally, that companion is Dogmeat. Find a flat area and drop the item/book, then send Dogmeat a few feet away. Tell him to fetch the dropped item/book, and wait for him to bow his head. Pick up the item precisely as he does, and if you timed it properly, you’ll have one in your inventory and he will also drop one. Using this technique, you can quickly acquire items and perk points as needed.

Console Codes of Fallout 4

To turn on console codes, you the ‘ key (it’s next to the Enter key). This is different from previous Fallout games that used the ~ key.
Here are the codes
player.additem 000000F XXX (XXX being the amount) – Add Bottlecaps
player.additem 000000A XXX (XXX being the amount) – Add lockpicks
coc qasmoke – Debug room containing all items
tgm – God Mode
player.modav carryweight # – Permanently modifies players max weight
tmm 1 – Reveal all map markers
player.setav speedmult xx – Sets player movement speed. For example, a value of 120 would be a 20% faster speed.
player.setlevel xx – sets your characters level to what ever number you replace xx with (note | can only be used to raise you level can’t bring it down)
tim – Toggles Immortal Mode

Unlimited S.P.E.C.I.A.L. in Fallout 4

First, get Dog (or some other companion) and go back to Sanctuary. Get the “You’re Special” book under the crib and pick it up and use it. Now that it’s in your inventory, drop it back on the ground and have your dog/companion pick it up, BUT, just before they pick it up, you need to quickly pick it up.
If you can do it correctly he will drop the item and it will still be in your inventory. Pick up the copy Dog dropped and you should have 2 “You’re Special” books. You can drop both on the ground and one should now activate again.
You can also get more than just two special items. You can do that by:
Drop special book and clone it.
Drop both books and pick up.
Drop 1 book and clone it.
Drop all books then pick up.
Repeat step 3 and 4 until desired stats are reached.

Easy Cryogun in Fallout 4

You can find the Cryogun in a case before you leave Vault 111. Typically, you’ll need the Master level Locksmith skill if you want to open it. However, you can find Dogmeat (your canine pal) and bring him near the case. Use the Fetch command and select the Item option. He’ll grab the gun for you and drop it in front of you so you can add it to your inventory. He also packs ammo, because he’s helpful like that.

Infinite Bartering with Arturo (Exploit) in Fallout 4

You can sell unlimited items to Arturo in Diamond City, which makes extremely expensive items available to you early in the campaign.
Start by defeating enemies and looting areas until you have a few hundred caps in your possession. Then head to Diamond City and speak with Arturo. Look at his wares, and indicate your wish to purchase all of his ammo of a particular type but do not finalize the deal. Instead, access your items and sell a single unit of the ammo you just bought from him. Then, sell any remainder of that same ammo type. There is a game bug that keeps a single unit of that ammo in your inventory, which you can sell to him continuously.
Though you can’t use this glitch to obtain more caps than Arturo has on hand, you can repeatedly sell him glitched ammo to build up your resources. It’s possible to use the trick with any type of ammo Arturo sells, as long as you have the initial caps required (though it can take some time and a lot of button presses). If you do everything properly, you can obtain all kinds of powerful equipment. However, keep in mind that the glitch is only effective when dealing with Arturo.

Surviving Great Falls

If you’ve fallen from a terrible height, normally that would be the end of you. However, you can save your game just before you hit the ground, then load your save and you will land safely. Phew!

Fallout 4 Trophies

Ad Victoriam – Complete “Ad Victoriam” – Silver
Animal Control – Kill 300 Creatures – Bronze
Armed and Dangerous – Create 50 Weapon Mods – Silver
Benevolent Leader – Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement – Bronze
Blind Betrayal – Complete “Blind Betrayal” – Bronze
Born Survivor – Reach Level 5 – Bronze
Commonwealth Citizen – Reach Level 10 – Bronze
Community Organizer – Ally with 3 Settlements – Bronze
Dangerous Minds – Complete “Dangerous Minds” – Bronze
Fix-Er-Upper – Build 100 Workshop Items – Bronze
Future Retro – Play a Holotape Game – Bronze
Gun-For-Hire – Complete 10 Side Quests – Silver
Homerun! – Get a Homerun – Bronze
Hunter/Hunted – Complete “Hunter/Hunted” – Bronze
Institutionalized – Complete “Institutionalized” – Bronze
Legend Of The Wastes – Reach Level 50 – Silver
Lovable – Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion – Bronze
Mankind-Redefined – Complete “Mankind-Redefined” – Bronze
Masshole – Kill 300 People – Bronze
Mercenary – Complete 50 Misc. Objectives – Silver
Never Go It Alone – Recruit 5 Separate Companions – Bronze
Nuclear Family – Complete “Nuclear Family” – Silver
Old Guns – Complete “Old Guns” – Silver
Platinum Trophy – Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy – Platinum
Powering Up – Complete “Powering Up” – Bronze
Prankster’s Return – Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing – Bronze
Prepared for the Future – Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth – Gold
Print’s Not Dead – Read 20 Magazines – Bronze
Ranger Corps – Discover 100 Locations – Silver
Reunions – Complete “Reunions” – Bronze
RobCo’s Worst Nightmare – Hack 50 Terminals – Silver
Rockets’ Red Glare – Complete “Rockets’ Red Glare” – Silver
Sanctuary – Complete “Sanctuary” – Bronze
Scavver – Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting – Bronze
Semper Invicta – Join the Brotherhood of Steel – Bronze
Taking Independence – Complete “Taking Independence” – Bronze
The First Step – Join the Minutemen – Bronze
The Molecular Level – Complete “The Molecular Level” – Bronze
The Nuclear Option – Complete “The Nuclear Option” – Silver
They’re Not Dolls… – Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads – Bronze
Touchdown! – Get a Touchdown – Bronze
Tradecraft – Join the Railroad – Bronze
Underground Undercover – Complete “Underground Undercover” – Bronze
Unlikely Valentine – Complete “Unlikely Valentine” – Bronze
Unstoppable Wanderer – Reach Level 25 – Silver
War Never Changes – Enter The Wasteland – Bronze
Wasteland D.I.Y. – Craft 100 Items – Silver
What’s Yours Is Mine – Pick 50 Locks – Silver
When Freedom Calls – Complete “When Freedom Calls” – Bronze
…The Harder They Fall – Kill 5 Giant Creatures – Bronze
…They’re Action Figures – Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads – Silver

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