Atari had released the mobile version of the Roller Coaster Tycoon in 2014. It has been available to play on iOS and Android platforms for a long time now. It received a lot of criticism than its predecessors due to different gameplay.

If true RollerCoaster Tycoon fan first impression of the game was very shocking. Attention to detail in this game unfortunately far looking, so you should not build queues for example, walk the guests on the grass and not stop the attractions to embark. Waiting The animations of the attractions are taking call.

But we should not watch the game too negative, it is difficult to take the old RollerCoaster Tycoon, but you have to leave the game to be ‘new’. Therefore, Atari had the game better known as “RollerCoaster Tycoon Mobile ‘, instead of’ RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile .


The core idea is still the same, try to build that meets all the needs of your guests. You can get a prebuilt park at the cost of €2.69. You can also do in-app purchases of buildings and perks. Here the shoe pinches for many players, unfortunately you need to have to quickly build. A nice park a lot of money We have some tips of apple days played the game and have some tips that you simply can earn.

Tips and Tricks

Food Rush

What you as one of the first things to place in your park is the ‘Food Rush’ stall. Tap this on the Build button and open the ‘Specials’ tab. Here you can buy the Food Rush (your RollerCoaster Tycoon money) and place it in your park. When you tap on the stall you can play a minigame. Here is the intention to make as many burgers within 90 seconds ready. For every burger you get a nice amount and a lot of XP points. This allows you to quickly replenish the money jar and achieve higher levels in the game.


Quickly Earn More Coins?

Everyone would naturally like to have quick few hundred thousand coins in his possession. We have discovered a (probably) small bug while playing the game that lets you quickly several tens of thousands to millions of coins can earn. Build namely Motel (Build ▸ ▸ Hotels Motel) in your park. Once this is there you need to upgrade it, tap above the motel and then tap on the ‘Upgrade’. Once this is complete you have to sell the motel, you do this by tapping on the motel and select. The ‘Sell’ button You will notice that the motel is sold for tens of thousands to millions of coins.

We tested this with a number of players and the results are abnormal, we ourselves have received this several millions. In addition, you can try all the hotels you’ve got in the park that they are all sold for a few (hundred) thousand coins. Of course you can just build the hotels afterwards again and the earned coins preserved.

Free attractions

Would you like to post a haunted house in your park? Then this can be free! Normally takes the haunted house 95000 coins, but through a redeemcode you can post it for free. Tap this at the entrance of the park, and select the “Redeem” option, then enter the code ” XOXOXO “and the haunted house is activated to place in your park.

Tickets deserve

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile works with Facebook , some a little too much, but it does indeed extras. If you would like to make a lot of tickets, then you can invite your friends to play the game. For every friend that you invite, you get a free ticket (Who hasn’t played yet). Maybe it annoying to your friends harass, but it gives you a lot of tickets. Additionally, you can per day 5 tickets to give away to your friends, so you can also make sure that they give you a number.

Additional tips• Place enough restaurants, stalls and other buildings, namely the supply of coins
• Place hotels, which results in more guests in your park so you can earn more coins
• Upgrade your attractions and buildings, these provide better sales
• Make sure that the buzz level is still above 90%
• Solve different targets (goals) on, making you earn a lot of extras including tickets, XP points to increase your levels and coins
• Forget your coins not to collect tap this at all restaurants, hotels, and other buildings that generate money


  RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is a fun game, but unfortunately also a lot of disadvantages. The game should not be compared to the old versions of the game, because these are diametrically opposed. However, the game is still fun to play because it still gives you a certain feeling of nostalgia. Additionally, you can control the game perfectly with the touch screen of your iDevice and it’s pretty easy to rides, trails and other attractions to build.  

UPDATE(Feb 26, 2017):

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile packs a lot of redeem codes. Here you find the list of codes available as of this writing on 25th of February 2017. 

UPDATE (Mar 10, 2017):

Hack File is available for Download for those with a JailBroken iOS Device.. Read more Here
It was determined that the download provided was illegitimate one.(Wrong one). We shall link you as soon as possible.

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