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Here’s why you should buy OLED gaming monitors:

Getting to know OLED gaming monitors

Are you enjoying your games to the maximum or are you ready to take them to the next level? Say goodbye to dull visuals and lagging screens, and say hello to the future of gaming monitors: Organic Light Emitting Diode. Now, having been using an OLED gaming monitor for 2 years, I can safely confirm that it is a game-changer, literally. Let’s take a look at what OLED is and why you should convert to your systems. Let’s jump right in!

Looking at the contrast between OLED and traditional LCD monitors, one can see the following benefits of OLED:

Advantages of OLED over traditional LCD monitors

OLED gaming monitors have been found to possess the following benefits over LCD screens that would enhance gaming: A major benefit of OLED technology is the clear and sharp picture quality as opposed to LED. Because each pixel has a light-emitting diode, OLED screens offer substantial shadow and high-quality color, which creates an amazing portrait compared to LCD monitors.

The second advantage of OLED monitors is their amazing color representation and contrast level. This, of course, means that you will be able to get more life-like pictures that depict the fine details and the varying shades, enabling you to get an even more immersive feel than ever before, especially when playing games. Moreover, OLED screens have a significantly shorter response time, making motion blur and ghosting non-existent for streamlined gaming even in movies, TV shows, etc.

In addition, OLED displays normally offer a wider viewing angle than an LCD monitor, which does not make it a necessity for you to view the display from a closer angle for its outcome to be impressive. This feature is very useful if you play with other people or when you have friends over for gaming sessions.

Based on my experience using OLED gaming monitors

Switching to the OLED gaming monitor has been one of the best decisions over the past two years of gaming. The colors are bright and warm, while the blacks have been blacker than I have seen in any other displays I have encountered; every game truly looks like it has been set in a different world. The clarity it offers is pleasantly high; the contrast ratio is incredibly high; and the details that are possible with this type of screen are something that traditional LCD screens don’t offer.

Switching to the OLED gaming monitor
Switching to the OLED gaming monitor

OLED hinges are far more responsive and fluid than any traditional screen Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Since most of them display high refresh rates coupled with very quick response times, I’ve been able to counteract opponents in any game, whether it is a sports-type game or any other type of game. Cruising or gliding, as it is also referred to, is even smoother and hence more enjoyable while playing a game session.

I have also enjoyed the ability to manage individual settings on OLED monitors for certain games or types of games. Regardless of the specific settings it may have, from color profiles to brightness, having this level of control is amazing.

An OLED gaming monitor is one of the best experiences I could ever have. Not only that but it is a portal to another realm where games are a new form of art that looks redefined.

Better display and color representation on OLED displays

In any game, the first aspect that plunges the players into the game environment is the visuals. The OLED screens are privileged to produce high-quality displays and accurate color reproduction to make the games look strikingly real.

Because of the blacks that OLED technology offers as well as the vibrancy, World Expo provides a sight that is hard to look away from. Every single pixel in an OLED panel produces its own lighting, resulting in high contrast and an impressively accurate color gamut that makes each frame stand out with clarity.

In any case, the high dynamism of OLED monitors allows you not to lose small details or shadows in either dark dungeons or bright landscapes. Sounds are so sharp and clean to the ears that when SFX and music interplay with the high-res graphics with smooth gradients and true-to-life colors, every frame is a lifelike gaming experience.

An OLED gaming monitor means that you get to play with accessories that reveal the true picture with a high degree of contrast and best-in-class colors.

The significance of Refresh Rates and response time in Gaming

In the matter of gaming, time can be of the essence. The monitor refresh rate is the FPA or frames per second and draws smooth pictures for smooth and fluid game plays. Higher refresh rates will give the user less blurring in motion, which is essential when playing games.

Response time is just as important as it takes each pixel equal time to change colors. Thanks to this, pictures are taken sharper if the response time is lowered, or if it is influenced during fast motion, there is less ghosting. This is relevant, especially for those who are more inclined toward competition or for those who want to get an upper hand over their rivals.

Combining high refresh rates with low response is beneficial to the gameplay as it would provide crystal clear images or a faster switch between images on the screen. No matter whether you are an addict of first-person shooters or choosing a detailed RPG, having a monitor that performs well in these areas takes your gaming to a whole other level.

Other design aspects that can be included in OLED monitors, as well as possible variations, are the following:

I feel that with OLED monitors, those extra features and settings do make a difference when it comes to gaming.

It is possible to fine-tune the working brightness of the display and, therefore, adapt to the general lighting conditions. Besides, it also helps to eliminate eye fatigue, especially when a gamer is continuously involved in game playing in one sitting.

Also, almost all OLED monitors have additional options that allow tweaking the colors and their accuracy. This level of customization enables you to adjust the appearance to suit every game and yourself in a way that would make every game look its absolute best.

Moreover, there are special options available for OLED monitors, such as built-in speakers, USB ports, and stands for gaming comfort. Such features enable one to build on the original functionality as well as improve the gaming session experience and ease of use in cases of prolonged usage.

Cost comparison between OLED and LCD monitors

However, when it comes to assessing the cost of OLED monitors against that of LCD monitors, the following considerations have to be made: However, it is often observed that OLED screens are more expensive than their counterparts, with higher initial costs but provide better graphics and colors that may be useful to hardcore gamers.

LCD monitors, on the other hand, are cheaper and still give average performance to gamers or anyone who doesn’t need the best display. Remember that OLED monitors compared to other types can possess more expensive price tags; however, they do not demand a large quantity of resources and can be proven to be more long-lasting in comparison with LCD screens.

The specific criterion will be the need for a gamer and the resources to make the purchase, whether OLED or LCD. Of course, one has to consider all the advantages of each kind of monitor before making a decision.


Spending money on an OLED gaming monitor is something that serious gamers should and will do.

Hence, after using an OLED gaming monitor for 2 years, I can encourage gamers to invest in them, especially for serious gamers. It must then be said that OLED has advantages over conventional LCD monitors in many respects, from the aesthetic and the specific to the performance-related. Since OLED screens offer more features and options for customization, gaming has been taken to a completely new level.

Hence, although OLED monitors may be relatively more expensive than LCD monitors, they are still a worthy investment for any serious gamer because of the performance and quality that they come with. If you have been searching for a way to enhance the levels of your gameplay, you should consider switching to OLED gaming monitors, and trust me, you won’t regret it at all.

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